Get to Know our Paper

Our handmade paper is made our of natural plant fibers which we process through our Hollander beater. After the beating process, we then create each sheet by using a mould and deckle. The wet sheets then go through a few days of drying.

No sheet will ever be alike - and that's the beauty of handmade! Each paper will have their own beauty and character with soft and delicate deckled edges. 

Our paper is medium to heavy weight, soft and fluffy, yet strong. Ready to accept ink or other art mediums. We also made our paper to be archival to preserve the beauty of your work.

We offer various colors and sizes which we plan to expand. Currently, here are a list of sizes and colors that we offer:

  • A7
  • A6
  • Menu
  • Notecard

If you don't see the one that you are looking for, send us a note to discuss what other options you may have.

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